Tuesday, October 23, 2007

2hours 35mins...

...that's how long it took me to travel from PG - KL and KL - PG from toll to toll 3 times in a row. At first I didn't really bother but I was wondering why it only took that short time to travel using my mum's Honda Accord.

The speedometer was reading 140-160km/h, almost all the cars on the road were giving way. But everythinng felt as if it was slow motion. It was also raining most of the time, so it made other traffic slower. I might have picked up a speeding ticket or two or more I think, maybe....errr.

Here's an incident, it was just in the tunnel near Sg Perak. I was heading back to PG and if you're framiliar with the roads there after the tunnel it's a high speed winding road to the bottom. I was bored and getting sleepy, then this BMW X3 zoomed by, I floored the pedal and gave chase. Yea it's kinda pointless chasing the X3 in damp conditions on the twisty roads, a quick glance at the speedo and it showed 155km/h. Up ahead there was a right hander followed with a left, in rally pace notes I'd say R4 (long) -> L4 (long).

Usually I'd take that corner without any problems so I lined up on the left side of the road getting ready to take the racing line but on that day the road was all of a sudden WET and it was wet the moment I was applying pressure on the brakes while I was turning the steering wheel. The next 0.5 seconds the car started to oversteer with the tail stepping out to the left, I was now facing the guard rails that were on my right. 1.0 seconds I braked enough to clear the corner and I applied a little countersteer to the left and lifted my foot off the brakes and the car straightened and I pushed on. I then decided not to chase the X3 anymore because it was long gone. So this is my first high speed oversteer incident haha. I'm glad everything was ok and there wasn't additional drama.

Believe me, words can't describe the adrenaline and feeling after what happened. So kids be careful on the road, always drive within the limits of your ability and your car's ability. Over driving is the most common mistake all drivers make.


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