Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Raya in Penang with Sweet Pie

Picked up sweetie from the airport and we headed home to just hang out. There isn't anything interesting to do so we watched Top Gear's 10th Season Episode 1 which was quite interesting and kept us entertained for the night. Called it a night quite early because we had to get up early the next morning for a photoshoot with Suby. Jack and his gal Ee Kheng brought out their professional digital SLR's and started snapping away. Sweetie took out her cam to start shooting too and got some pretty interesting shots. We went to the Teluk Bahang Dam to shoot the photos and had an interesting time enjoying the scenic view and fresh air. Later on we moved to the beach to get more shots and around 10am we headed home.

Sweetie didn't finish walking around Queensbay Mall so we headed there for the afternoon and spent quite alot of time in the Padini Concept Store cause there was a sale at low prices. Got myself 2 shirts which cost somewhere around RM100, sweetie decided to use her mental power to guess if she'd be able to fit into 2 pants she bought. Unfortunately the pants were a little too big for her, she gave them to her lil' sis instead. How did this happen? there weren't enough dressing rooms and the queue was long!. Oh well, next time it's a must to try on what you're buying no matter what. After shopping around more we had late lunch at Julia's place, she cooked beef noodles which was excellent! Then we headed to Alor Star to visit sweetie's parents and dogs, Momo and Rufus are so cute. We had dinner at a local shop which served western food and I had 2 dishes for some reason. hahaha. Played with the dogs and dozed off to sleep after that. Was directed to the mall where we had lunch and walked around window shopping. Headed back to the Island around 5-ish and went for dinner at Julia's again, once again terrific food! Sweetie had a good time munching on the chow. hehehe. We watched Superman Returns on HBO.

It's a public holiday on Monday so sweetie was still around. We decided to head to Gurney Plaza to walk around and window shop a little. Spent some time in MPH and Toys R Us and just having a lazy walk. After a couple of hours there we headed home to pick up mum and went for dinner at the Tree Shade. After that Sweetie had to catch a flight back to KayEL.

It was a terrific weekend.

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