Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Weekend Up North

Last weekend was nice. I got to see both my gals as they took a drive up to PG on Friday evening. I was waiting to see what mum thought of Zoey, cause she spent a few nights downstairs. Mum dosen't like the idea of having pets, especially ones in the house. But I think Zoey was cute enough that she didn't mind much. LoL. Good thing Zoey dosen't shed alot. Being a very curious dog, she wandered around sniffing out the new location. She got used to being around my family after a couple of mins and she also started to learn to climb the stairs only after a couple of mins. She did pee in the wrong place twice. But she was a good gal for most of the weekend.

We headed up to Alor Star to visit Sweetie's parents and 2 other dogs, Momo and Rufus. We were wondering how they would react to lil' Zoey in the house. Suprisingly both of them liked her! It was definately a big suprise to sweetie, we were happy they were able to get along. Then it was time for Zoey to have a bath! LoL she was so cute, looked like a wet rat! Too bad didn't take any photos, must remember to do that the next time.

The rest of the weekend we spent at home playing with lil' Zoey. It was nice to have Sweetie around to give hugs and kisses.

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