Friday, January 18, 2008

@#$% Andana Spa >:(

Here's what bad service is like, when the representative of a company talks rudely and in an unprofessional way. I came to learn about Andana Spa through Sweetie and we decided to enquire about the services and prices. As a tech geek I logged on and found their website : which is a great and professional site. Shows how many awards they have won, like Best Spa in 2006 or something like that. I was quite amazed knowing that we in Malaysia had such quality of service in a Spa.

Looking through the website I noticed that apart from the normal Spa massage packaged, there a branch in Glenmarie KL which has a room that is avaliable for booking which is called the Selangor Suite. What's Special in that Suite? It can accomodate group of 5 people, has a Home Theater System, PS2 Gaming console and everything you would need for a meeting. Anyways after reading this "The Suite is now open for reservations. Standard and custom-made packages are available to cater for 1 – 5 persons. All Selangor Suite packages come with dedicated spa treatments designed to meet your individual needs." Sweetie decided to call up to see if we can make a reservation.

Here's how the conversation went:

*a nice lady answered the phone*

SW: Hi, I would like to make a resevation for the Selangor suite

Lady: Ma'am are you a member?

SW: No I'm not

Lady: Hold on Please

*was put on hold for about 30secs*

Mr.Ang: Hello? *now this sounded really unprofessional over the phone*

SW: Hi, I would like to make a resevation for the Selangor suite

Mr.Ang: Are you a member?

SW: No, do I have to be a member to book the Suite?

Mr.Ang: Well usually we reserve the Suite for Members lah

SW: Can non-members place a booking?

Mr.Ang: Can can, usually we give members priority la, so what date you want ar?

SW: Next weekend

Mr.Ang: Weekend ar, usually alot of members want the Suite, how many people ar?

SW: Two

Mr.Ang: Only 2 ar? *his voice started to sound as if he was disgusted*

SW: Is that a problem? *is now an agitated customer*

Mr.Ang: Ya lo, 2 people only, you're not a member and lots of members would want to book the room

Then Sweetie decided to ask for the manager and Mr.Ang said she isn't around and gave her Mobile Number.

*Call ended by hanging up on Mr.Ang*

Believe me when I say it's unprofessional, it really is. No doubt the Spa has a good reputation but with employees like that..well I'll leave it to your opinion. So obviously I was a little mad as well, so I decided to leave a Feedback on the website but when I clicked Submit there was an error!

Here's what I wrote:
Your Spa might have won awards for the services. But my experience when I called up the Glenmarie branch was awful. My call was answered by a nice lady that was helpful enough but all of a sudden she pass me to a guy named Mr. Ang when I wanted to place a booking for the Selangor Room. Mr. Ang was definitely rude by the way he was speaking over the phone. For a Spa that has won various awards, as stated over the website and newspapers I am disgusted by the way I was treated by Mr. Ang. Just because I'm not a member doesn't give him the right to be RUDE. He kept stressing on the fact that I'm not a member and therefore am not really welcome to make use of the private rooms. After reluctantly agreeing to check the availability of the private rooms, he then proceeded to ask the number of people in my party and when he learned it was only two he very obviously expressed his disgust and said that it posed a problem therefore he refused to book me in. I have visited the spa before and I must say I was impressed by it. However, if this is the way you treat people I have second thoughts of being a member there. I will also make sure that this incident is known by friends of mine who are members there as well as those who have expressed their wish to be one.

Guess what happened when I clicked on the Submit button:

Overall it was just a terrible experience. I hope someone takes action regarding the way we were treated over the phone and I won't be going to a Spa where the employees treats non-members like we were poor.


Anonymous said...

yes, i agreed. they are bad now. not worth going as they cut cost on a lot of thing, the give lousy food and the food are not hygien, my friend found a crockcoch in the buffet line. and i heard my friend working in the spa said, they found dead rat in the jacuzzi pool, they scoop out the rat and that's it.

worst part was, they cut short the massage time but they never inform you. i experienced this b4. the management is very bad. my friend also said that they are having financial problem and might lead to closing down. so they start sending back all the china worker.

Anonymous said...

they are closing down la. they dun even have money to pay the freelance designer. RM380 only drag since last year. itu cilaka punya thong chee meng and nicholas ng. fuck up man! dont support them anymore. they give cheap service. but if you want china chic, please go there, they offer back service!

Anonymous said...

Andana Glenmarie used to be a very good spa to hang out, esp weekend when u have no place to go to. They offered good food and very warm hospitality...Used to go there until middle of 2008, discovered a cockcroach in buffet line. I was told the standard of service and food quality dropped coz one of the very efficient manager left.
Yes, agreed they are bad now... management in deep shit...really heard they are closing down, citibank outlet already closed... sending back all foreign workers.
"Glenmarie outlet is counting its days..." one of the staff there told my fren who went there recently.