Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Year Ahead

It's 2008, what is instored for this new year. Seems that alot of my friends celebrate their birthday on January, talk about overkill. Making frequent trips to see my 2 gals isn't something new but I cherish all the moments we can have together. I hope that this year I'd be doing someting more constructive with my life and make it more meaningful. But it's alot of hard work and thinking which is something that I lack sometimes haha.

Anyways, work is getting a little boring. Having to do repetitive stuff isn't my cup of tea. I want something different, maybe consulting or something like that. Although I would like to be a full time test driver for any car company in the world *wishful thinking*. heh. Looking back at the past year, I noticed that time just zipped by just like that. I'm glad that I have moved up a step in the corporate ladder but I just don't see any future in what I do. Ho well, I'll keep my eyes open and my ears on for other opportunities that come this year.

Suby is fixed and I've been running her in with frequent trips up and down the North South Highway. Till date I should have already made 4000km, only 1k left to get my next upgrade which is the Piggyback and a Dyno tuning run. That'll set me back a few $$, but I'll have to do it to be competitive in GRA this year as it would be getting more and more competitive in my class. Guess if you have unlimited $$ it would be good to upgrade anything and everything to have the edge.

Well that's all for now.....I wish the best to everyone this year. Cheers.

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