Monday, February 18, 2008

Piggy for Suby's Heart & Brain

After Suby got a new heart, it needed the mileage so that the metal parts would be worn in nicely. 1000km was the 1st oil change, 5000km was the second. Last week was the third oil change and since I was already in KL for a couple of days, I decided to go ahead to get the piggyback for the ECU. Running in the engine is a slow and painful process as you're limited to 3000RPM with no sudden boost. All to ensure that the engine is in good shape for the long run. But anyways running in the engine is complete and now it's time to tune it so I can unleash the potential of the new block.

Headed to GT Auto which is located in Sunway aka Tuning heaven. Lots of Jap-Performance cars all around. So here's what I opt for, Greddy e-Manage which I think has a butt load of functions to tune. In total it took about 9 hours to install and wait for the dyno to be vacant before Suby strapped on. While on the dyno the car will be tuned at the same time and it took a total of 12 runs to tune everything to get the best from the block.

Next the Dyno Chart.

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