Monday, February 04, 2008

A weekend in PG

It's been a while since I've spent a weekend in Penang eventhough I live here. Lol. Been travelling so often that I feel that I live in another place. Everything was good till I had food poisoning on Friday night which made the weekend a little boring. Sometimes I wonder if I have this curse that if I do plan things ahead of time they will be messed up. Well not all the time but most of the time...things....don't....go as planned.

Last weekend Sweetie and Zoey drove up and stayed for the weekend. Sweetie found herself on a shopping spree that was very affordable. Some shops actually sell cheap shoes which looks stunningly nice and other shops that sell dresses that look great and cheap! She was happy with all her purchases after shopping for about 6 hours in Queens Bay Mall. I met up with her after my training session and we had something to bite in Dome. That's when my stomach decided to give-in to whatever was caused my food poisioning. A few trips to the toilet made me go "oh ho" this isn't normal. We decided to head home after shopping a little more.

The next morning I had to go to the clinic to get some meds. I knew it was bad when I started to get a fever and started to throw up everything I took in. So being in bad shape I decided that I should get a shot of what ever cocktail the doc could come up with to get me back to normal. But this doctor explained that it's good that I have what I have, it'll clean my system. No doubt that I agree but I don't want to spend alot of time in the toilet!, he then gave me Anti-Biotics! He was an idiot. So I decided to pop whatever pills he gave me and just get more rest. Sweetie was paitent and helped me with whatever she could. Thanks. :) We also headed to QBM again to get another pair of shoes that she liked but alas we were a little too late as the size was already sold. Sorry about that.

Felt a little better in the evening so we decided to attend a wedding dinner that we were invited to. It's nice to see some old friends who have left the hell hole and are doing well, not to mention happier too. Bride and Groom looked good but the food I have to say it wasn't up to my expectations. They used to be better...8 years ago. After the dinner we were suppose to meet up with Ros, Tigel, Admiral and Jen but everyone decided to get some sleep instead. LoL.

On Sunday we went for Dim Sum brunch and met up with the gang later in the evening at my place for Mahjong and Xbox. Had dinner at a small chinese restaurant near the airport before everyone left. Spent the rest of the evening playing with Zoey and watching Deja Vu then cuddled sweetie to sleep.

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