Monday, February 11, 2008

The CNY Weekend

Ahh Chinese New Year has come and gone, with lots of Ang Pau from lots of people. I haven't started counting how much I got but I've got time to do that later. It's always SOOOO BLOODY HOT when it is the CNY season. But it did rain on the 3rd day for a while which made things a little more humid. Sweetie was down on CNY eve and Zoey was already staying with me for a couple of days.

On the first day we went visiting Sweetie's family members from all over. Had a blast with Zoey following us around in her Cheong-Sam dress. She got an ang pau too, lucky mutt. Had lunch and dinner with her family and went to bed straight after everything was done. Phew!.

The second day was a little blur to me, didn't do much except rest, watch a couple of shows and went for dinner with my family at a nearby restaurant called 'Gei Tuck Sek' I think that is how it's spelled. Anyways the dinner wasn't too bad, lots of people too.

Then came the weekend. MY XBOX 360 decided to lock up and show the Red Ring of Death! (more on this later) We decided to book a spa session at Danai Spa at Tanjung Tokong and took the Favourites Package which included 90mins Danai Signature Massage, 40mins scrub & 20mins bath. The massage was excellent, but the scrub that I chose was called Ginger Salt Glow and it was kinda painful at the more sensitive skin parts, the salt used was really rough and when applied it sounded like sandpaper while your skin burns. LoL. Shower and Bath was good as we took the muscle ease salt bath option. Everything was good at the spa, I recommend anyone looking for a relaxing time to book yourself for a session.

After pampering ourselves to the spa treatment we got hungry and went further up to Batu Feringgi to have an Italian treat at Marios. Sweetie had the lasagna and I had the meatball spaghetti. We also ordered the Clam Chowder that came in a bowl made of bread, which was also really good. Since we were already at Batu Ferringi we stopped by the local DVD shop to get some shows and we bought like RM80 worth of shows. lol.

Sunday was like any other lazy weekend. Spent it playing with Zoey and having banana leaf dinner with at Jaya's. Later that night Sweetie had to hop on a plane and fly back to KL so she can work on Monday and Tuesday. She'll be back on Tuesday night before we head to AS for some things.

Once again, HAPPY CNY!

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