Monday, February 25, 2008

Flying to KL and back

Another weekend in KL. But this time Suby is getting some well earned rest. I'll most probably be taking flights or the bus for a while, it is time to recover from some major spending on repairs and maintenance.

The 2 cheapest airlines available here are Firefly and Air Asia. Cheap tickets but with slightly higher Taxes on Fuel and Sales or something like that. Overall the tickets are cheaper than MAS...most of the time. They do hike the price of the tickets on the weekends or during the peak periods. But if you do book early you'd be able to get tickets from as low RM1 or even FREE, the only catch is you'd have to book it within a certain period and fly at a certain date. I haven't flown with Firefly yet but I will this coming weekend. Air Asia has been good to me so far, no major issues or delays.

So I arrived on Friday evening where I was greeted by Sweetie who drove all the way from work to pick me up. Muaks! We went home to a happy Zoey who must have been missing us alot, she was jumping with joy and running everywhere. Later on we headed for dinner at Asia Cafe for some Chinese rice and dishes with a LARGE orange juice drink. One LARGE mug is about RM5.50 and is enough for 2 people to share. If you'd remember, my Xbox 360 had the 3ROD issue and while surfing on the Lowyat forums I found a guy who could fix the 360. So I decided to deliver it to him after dinner. We then returned home and decided to watch a DVD, Hitman was what we decided to watch and by the end of the movie Tigela and Rosila came over. Guess everyone was tired, so we just went straight to bed.

Saturday was a slow and relaxing day. Sweetie decided to get up about tea time, then we decided to go shopping for some furniture. The LDP Furniture place is pretty big with lots of choices, but we decided to make sure what we can fit before we bought a table. We joined the entire gang for dinner at PJ Old Town for some good bak kut teh. After dinner everyone moved to the usual hang out spot where Mahjong is practiced and PS3 is to entertain the speed freaks.

Sunday morning 7am some of them were finishing up playing Mahjong, everyone else just decided to sleep on the couch and the floor. They all had this crazy idea to eat Dim Sum straight after everything! Haha. After Breakfast we all went home, I went home to catch some sleep and so did Sweetie. We all woke up again about 3pm and watched TV or chat online and Rosila wanted to eat at Paddingtons House of Pancakes, which is one of Sweetie's places to eat. Honey Stacked Pancakes...mmm..mmmm. By the time we were done it was 6pm and we had almost no time to shop around because I had to fly back to PG around 9pm.

But all in all it was a good weekend and I hope to have another good one this coming weekend.

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