Thursday, June 05, 2008

Petrol Price up by 0.70 cents!

Like upping the petrol price last year wasn't enough, our government decided that it's better to hike up the price once again so that they can reap in the profits. So here's the Million Dollar question "Where does all that money go?". Can we see proof to what happens to all this money that is being poured into the government pocket? Alot of things need to be fixed and with all that money you'd think the government would use it to make changes to the economy. Guess they found out that more and more people are buying cars now so they found a source to earn more money. It's no wonder at the recent elections a certain party lost by a landslide.

Malaysia is suppose to be a multi racial country but it doesn't seem that way if you look closer. We manufacture our own cars, all the other imported and local assembled cars are much more expensive. We have our own oil and gas company, still the price of oil and gas are going up. When it comes to education, scholarships are given to a certain color skinned people without much effort!. What the H3LL is going on here? Where's the fairness to all this?

Damn it!

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