Monday, June 23, 2008

Samsung 40-inch Series 5 LCD TV

It's finally here! Been waiting for about a week I think. Anyways it's finally here and HD is excellent. Setting up the unit was super easy and Sweetie took the opportunity to plug it all up.

The only hiccup was the delivery, we did specify that the TV be delivered around 8pm and to my surprise I got a call around 1pm to confirm if it's possible to send it now! I was kinda puzzled and decided to call the shop that I got it from, after a little explanation I was told that their delivery truck got stolen 2 days ago and now they are using a 3rd Party delivery service. Now I was thinking, that isn't very good for customer service. Plus the delivery person was kinda rude over the phone too. So I got the shop to take the TV back and I'll collect it personally, thanks to Ivan for helping me out with in the Avanza. Thanks a mil!

Hooked up the Xbox 360 to the TV and turned on 1080p to get a super clear output. We're still playing around with the settings so I won't go into too much detail.

But overall the TV looks sleek and good in black.


Jared Counts said...

Andy, congrats on the new TV. I'm looking in to buying one of those myself, but I have a question that the Internet cannot seem to answer. Does that TV have a digital audio out on it (optical or otherwise)? Just curious. Thanks!

Andy Kow said...

Hi Jared,
Thanks for your comment.

To answer you question, no the TV does not have a digital or optical audio out. But you can utilize the HDMI for digital audio out.

Schweeney said...

Hi, congrats on your buy. I got the same 2 days ago. :D

Jared Counts said...

Good to know. Thanks for the info, and enjoy your new TV!