Monday, June 06, 2005

Laid-back Weekend

Best thing to do over the weekend is just relax and have fun.

So on Thursday evening after thinking and planning I decided to drive down to KL to relax. Booked a nice hotel right in the middle of town called Radius, used to be Park Inn.

Funny thing, I made resevations online that showed there was place for standard rooms which costs around RM175++ per night. When I was there to check in they said that the standard rooms were full and they upgraded me to a Deluxe Premier room. That was cool.

Anyways after resting for a while I decided to meet up with my friend Alex who is also in KL for some function. Went for dinner at a small japanese restraunt and had teppanyaki. Not too bad. Oh we had dinner in Times Square, there was a big sale and there were discounts on everything.

After dinner headed back to the hotel for a short wash up and slipped me clubbing gear on, headed to pick my cutie friend Melissa who was also in KL for a dinner function. Met up with her gang and went to the Bangsar area. Now, the area wasan't too bad but it was more like a pub/club thing. I didn't really like the envrioment, nor did the gang. So finally after checking another 2 we decided to head over to a bigger club in town called Orange. Much bigger place and nicer envrioment. Played R&B then House.

Finished late and went back to the hotel for rest.

Early morning complimentary breakfast. Left KL around 1pm after a good nap.

Another excellent weekend. Too bad no pictures this trip, dad hogging the camera.

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