Monday, June 27, 2005

Party Weekend

Well I'm back from KL. Phew! It's kinda tiring being a bit sick and all. But it was fun. Went down with Cutie Melissa and my bro' Gene.

Started early on Saturday morning. Left PG around 7am. After arriving we went to do some stuff before checking into the hotel. Stayed in Flamingo Hotel, not a bad place to stay for RM125 per night. Went out for lunch around at Roadhouse Grill Ampang with the gang and Gene's friend Vicky. 2 words, BAD SERVICE. It was terrible, no one served us at the waiting table area, so we decided to seat ourself down at a nice corner. No one brought the menu, we actually had to holler at the waiter just to bring us the menu. All the employees had a sad or grumpy face on that day. Jeeez. At least the food was good. Thanks for the lunch Melissa!

Headed back to the hotel for some R&R. Left for Zouk early. Lol. We were there so early that we were actually 1st in line and not even the staff had things ready............>2hours later after some food at The Terrace. Met some friends and all went into the club to party!! But since this event is a UNICEF thing they had talks and stuff about Trance, House & Dance music. Small interviews too. So it was pretty boring at that time. Sitting down and getting free complimentry drinks. :) Met up with MeL's old friend Alex. Started party at Mainroom with trance and dance music, where Gene went all out to have fun. Later on we moved to R&B music at the Loft. Patied to 2am and left for some food at mamak around Pandan Indah Steven's Corner.

Woke up around lunch time, checked out, had lunch, drove back, rest, dinner, sleep.

.........and it's monday once again.

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