Friday, June 10, 2005

staring into space

It's a Friday!! I know it is! Plus it's a long weekend for me as Australia is on holiday on Bloody-Monday! WOOHOO! I don't give a shit if it's gonna be Hell on tuesday, BRING IT ON!!

For the moment though, I miss my the gang. No one is able to go clubbing with me tonight or Saturday night or Sunday night. *sigh*

I look up at the celing where the florecent light is and just stare at it, with empty thoughts. Before that I was trying to plan my night out..definately heading to the gym for a workout, then off to Batu Ferringi to get CDs. Have dinner somewhere and head home to laze around.

Having to do reports in work is fun, answering calls isn't. Oh well that's what you get in a call center....Calls! I was suppose to be on Queue untill 6pm but thanks to my new team mate SK for sitting in for me. Everyone from my team is moving away, slowly. Latest updates: Nicholas goin to another department, Wooi Heong leaving the company, Jusmadee also moving to another department. That leaves the team with very few seniors from my batch of hires. It's a bit sad to see the queue going haywire like this sometimes. I feel sad that friends are moving out, but that's how it is in life, changes will come, it's inevitable.

Damn I feel like having a margurita right now. Sangria would be nice while having dinner. While listening to the sultry voice of Diana Krall singing Besame Mucho and relaxing at the same time. Then get some rollies' and blow steam off...LoL.

But looking back at life, I have been lucky. Loving family, happy, sad & tough times. At least we're all together, I love them all. Seeing my younger brother growing up makes me think about what I was like then at his age, so much to learn Bro, so much. My Dad is like my best friend, we talk about almost anything, his words of wisdom and guidance made me who I am today, it's just too bad I'm not as good in other things that he wanted me to be good in, but's Me. Me mum, hard work taking care of the house. She seem to be even more busy then me, the only time she gets time to relax is at night, she would watch TV and relax, but after a few minutes she'll be asleep from exhaustion.

I love you guys very much!


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