Tuesday, June 14, 2005

looking back..

It's been quite a week for me. Tons of work to do. But that's just normal.

Found out that a high school friend passed away, because of road rage. It's just sad that an innocent has to die just for that. I managed to go to the funeral with some old friends, alot of old high school people were there to pay their last respects. Sometimes I just wonder what god has planned for us all. Who stays and who goes?

Seeing all framiliar faces, but not remembering their names is a bit sad. My head would be like, "what's that guy's name?". I wished my class of '98 would make a renunion dinner or something like that. But I guess no one actually cares. I do really want to meet up with everyone. It felt wrong meeting everyone at a funeral then talking about stuff.

Managed to watch Madagascar yesterday. The show was funny! A bit short but funny.

Andy Movie-O-Meter : 6/10


Lil' Elmo said...

Hi, May I know what is your friend's name - the guy who got stabbed? Was he from Hamid Khan previously?

Andy Kow said...

Hey, yeah he was from Hamid Khan. Name is Danny. Sorry i forgot his chinese name.

Lil' Elmo said...

Yeah..I knew him..same tuition before and we were from the same college back in KDU..We've lost contact and it's very shocking to know that it's him. I feel so sad ...