Tuesday, July 19, 2005

BZ Day

Been a busy day at work. Things to do, reports to analyze. But it all come down to doing the same thing every single day. I know there are bigger opportunities out there. But I just feel stuck. I want something different, a change. Something to live for, something worth risking for.

But it's always the small things in life we take for granted. The little things that people do that makes the day extra special. It makes you smile when you think about it.

Anyways I found out that a friend Ween Nee is married. Wow, I mean...she's my age and she's married. LoL, just thinking about marriage makes me wonder...about myself. Keke. Oh well, that's life for ya Andy.

Arrrgghh..It's so boring here. I'm planning to go on vacation, by myself or with someone special (that would be nice) hehe. New York, Florida, Toronto, Tokyo, London,. *Dreamy* Gets me wondering about life outside of Malaysia...Penang.

Hope to go somewhere by the end of the year. Anywhere!



* * sHeReNe * * said...

Come visit sher!~!~

Ween Nee said...


Ween Nee said...

It's very funny how coincidental life can be... It has been years since i last spoke to you! Hmmm.. i believe the last was when i was standard 6/form 1? and i didnt see or hear from u then...

I'm shocked to be led to your blog and to discover my name. Thought u've forgotten abt me! :P

Anyway, how have u been? Sounds like you are going through quite a tough time-eh?

"Hanging there... everything happens for a reason...!"

Andy Kow said...

wooo. Hi there Ween Nee. Yea it's been a while since we met up. Lol. Tough times are always around. I'm just bragging here. keke. Thanks for reading my blog.