Thursday, July 07, 2005

How time flies

It funny, when you're complaining about this and that about life time seems to slow down, one second feels like a day, one hour feels like a whole week. We'd keep saying to ourselves, when is this day going to be over?. But when you're not paying attention to time and you're actually enjoying whatever you're doing time seems to zip by so fast. Oh well, that's how the world works, it's best to cherish the good times cause they end at the blink of an eye. Bad times however will haunt you anytime & anywhere without warning.

Ah, it's been a pretty good week so far. I know I'll cherish all the good times and moments like I usually do. It's weird how some people treat or take advantage of other people's feelings. Oh well.........we're only human.

Staring into space, I was wondering. Why this?, why that?, what if this?, what if that? Answers that I didn't bother trying to answer myself.


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