Monday, July 11, 2005

Good Monday

Well it's Monday again!

At least the calls are good. Lower calls than expected. Overall a good Monday to start off the week.

Got back from KL yesterday, had to fly back since last minute bookings for a bus were full. Latest bus was toooo late, so the only choice was to fly.

Left Penang around 5:30am. Arrived in KL around 10am, slow drive down. Celica was making noise and also giving some vibrations on the way down. Went down with Cutie MeL (thanks for the company gurl!). After doing some stuff and dropping the car at YSKhong Motorsports I had to borrow a car. Thanks to Xarrax for loaning me his car for the weekend, owe you one.

Stayed in Swiss Inn at Chinatown. Parking is a nightmare and the rates RM3.50 per hour. When I went out the charges were RM21, jeez!. The hotel was OK, cheap..RM98 per night with no Window. Good place for backpackers.

Did more stuff and went to KLCC for lunch. Left for the airport around 4pm. Our flight home was delayed from 6:15pm till 7:15pm. It was raining when we arrived at the airport.

Slight turbulence in the air. Was a lovely sight out the window final minutes of Sunset above the clouds. Lovely. The view i had was simply lovely :).


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