Sunday, July 01, 2007

My 1st Driving Instructor Event

If you've been reading my blog, you might have read about my experience on attending the BMW Driver Trainer program a few months back. Although I didn't make the cut I did learn alot of new things and took what I was thought and applied it in the real world.

A few weeks ago I got a call from Nigel (a good mate from KL) who is working for YS Khong (rally champ and now driver trainer). He wanted to confirm my attendance for an event as a driver trainer. Cool. I was chosen out of 5 people who signed up and I also found out that another fellow Penangnite was chosen as the other trainer, he is the famous Julian 'Unker Champ' Pang.

The event was for Toyota customers who had a chance to feel what it's like to drive a few models through a course that we setup for them. This included, Slaloms, Brake Avoidance, Emergency Braking Dry, Emergency Braking Wet, Lane Change & Reverse Slalom and finally Figure 8. All the courses that were used was to simulate real world driving dynamics.

I definitely learned alot from this experience. Planning is extremely important, logistical part is also important as we definitely need people to help setup everything. Cones, tents, walkie talkies, cars, etc. Here's what I did for the event:

Started the day at 7am. Packing some stuff on the Ford Ranger that I was asked to drive to Sepang. We drove in Convoy and stopped at a rest place to have breakfast. Arriving at Sepang we unloaded everything and setup the cones and did a little planning for the event. Finished at 8pm, had dinner and slept around 12am.

Woke up at 5am and we arrived at Sepang around6:30am. I helped triple check all the cones that we laid out for the course. Everyone was busy setting up everything that needs to be done today. The event started at 9:45am with YS giving the practical presentation and introducing us to the customers. We then moved to the course at 10:30 and started the course training for the whole day. I won't go into details on the course and all but the customers really enjoyed the experience of trashing the cars to the max!

Packing started from 6pm till 9pm. Then most of us decided to head to the cybercafe to play Battle Field 2. LoL. We were sooo tired that we didn't feel like sleeping. But finally we decided to call it a night at 3am!

Back in Penang. Drove Suby home..but alas the same issue still around. Would have to hunt for a new heart soon. After all that standing in the sun, I've managed to get a TAN!. Bah! I'm gona sleep now.

**Special Thanks to : Ivan, Ian, YS, Nigel and the rest of the gang who helped out.**

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