Sunday, July 08, 2007

BBQ Birthday Party

I was invited to Edzil's BBQ birthday party yesterday. I arrived early to help start the fire and I think I did a pretty good job, actually too good a a job that the charcoal was too hot! haha. So the first batch of whatever was cooked and burnt.

The food was delicious, thanks for Cheryl and Ros for preparing the feast they were all yummy. So lots of familiar faces were there. We chatted and had drinks, the best part of the party was having Wine to drink for the whole time I was there. Muahhah. Cheryl opened a Shiraz that was tasty but kinda dry for a BBQ nite. Ros brought her Port wine that she bought from Langkawi and just couldn't wait to open. It tasted Sweet and smooth, very nice.

I also helped clean up and by the time we were all done, it was 3am. But it was fun.

Thanks and Happy Birthday Edzil.

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