Thursday, July 05, 2007

My Friend....not very

Here's a story that actually made my day more enjoyable. Sorry gal I have to do this, LoL.

A friend of mine passed me a Korean DVD movie called 200 Pounds Beauty *direct translation from korean*. I watched it and agreed it isn't bad for a Korean movie. So here's what's funny, I passed the same DVD to another friend of mine and asked her to watch if she had the time, she took the DVD home.

2 days later we had a conversation that started like this: (we shall call my friend rabbit)
rabbit : I watched that Korean movie.
me : ahh, was it good?
rabbit : I'm not sure..I didn't really understand the show
me : ???
rabbit : I finished the show in 30 mins
me : what? how?
rabbit : I fast forward it
me : why? *while giving a weird stare of blurness at her*
rabbit : I didn't understand their language
me :
rabbit : ??
me : didn't understand the show because you didn't understand the language? fair enough, but the subtitles were pretty good
rabbit : what subtitles??
me : you....didn't...know...there...were...subtitles??
rabbit : nope
me :
rabbit : I was watching the movie on the DVD player, I didn't know how to set the subs
me :
rabbit : anyways it's a copy of a DVD it doesn't have subs
me : Not Very Smart....hahahahaha

The rest of the conversation was explaining to her that Subs do work even if it was a copy of the original and that the Subtitle button on the remote of the DVD player is there for a purpose.

hahahahaha....thanks alot gal. a good start for a day.

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Rose said...

dear Rabbit....