Monday, July 16, 2007

First I would like to congratulate GRA organizers Ian and Jian Nin for making GRA Round 2 2007. Everything went smoothly even with the rain that came down to make things more interesting for the Pro Grass drivers.

Special thanks to Ivan and Sherene for allowing me to bunk at their place again. Must buy you guys more Penang food. LoL.

Another trip down to KayeL for GRA a usual thing for me now. LoL. Trip started a little late in the afternoon on Friday so I arrived just in time for the Pre-Party to start. After getting a little trash talk because I was late and didn't help with logistics from the usual suspects, Nigel and Kenneth *sorry guys*. The party started with Ian giving a speech and showing a video that he compiled as an introductory to new comers for the event. Then I helped with packing the equipment and stuff. The gang didn't have much to do so it was BattleField 2 time again, it seems that everyone is hooked to that game now. LoL. Ended the night around 2am.

Did nothing much in the morning, went to the shop for a while and then met up with Ivan for lunch. Sherene cooked and had lunch at their place. Accompanied Ivan to Digital Mall to get a microphone in the afternoon. Hanged out with the rest of the gang for yum char.

Then back to the workshop where we all chipped in to help get things ready for GRA. Loading stuff for transport to Shah Alam. Making extra Flags *thanks for Ros and Nigel*. We finally finished around 12am and headed back to call it a night.

Grass Class was well underway when we all arrived. Had a nice view of the course and was able to watch a champ in action in his 1.3 Wira Areoback - Kenneth. Then I managed to watch Charlene driving her automatic Kelisa, I was impressed with her driving. Although I didn't teach her much *next time CK*

Then came the rain, for the 1st time ever in GRA history. Everyone in Pro Grass didn't mind and we all continued to start with the first WET auto cross event for GRA.

But everything turned out just fine. Everyone knew what to do, all the drivers lined up nicely and everything was like clockwork. So the course was wet, but the seasoned drivers were driving as if it were nothing, the overall timings were competitive, everyone was trying to get the fastest time of the day. Only 2 competitors were up there, Julian 'Unker Champ' Pang and Ivan Khong. Proof that rain or shine, there were going all out. Julian really showed everyone his skills in the wet with his modded Proton Wira that is sponsored by Redline. Ivan Khong put up a fight trying to keep up with Julian's impressive runs at the start. But eventually put the nail in the coffin with the last run that was spectacularly fast!.
Then came the prize presentation. After a long day I just wanted to enjoy the moment with everyone around and assisted with the video camera as well. I actually finished 4th in my Class, not bad 'cause I didn't do too well in the wet as I had expected.

Another award that I knew was coming was the Team award. Only because no other team took part!. G-Team taking their first podium on their first outing.

Then we all headed for dinner, everyone was tired but since it was a cooling day it wasn't so bad. After all the work done, Ian decided to play BF2, woohoo!
*all photos by Rosc

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