Saturday, July 07, 2007

My Best Friend Sister's wedding

My childhood friend Wesley aka Ah Seng gave me a call on Monday to remind me about his sister's wedding dinner on Friday. So I made plans to attend it, knowing him and a couple of his friends that would sit at the same table I prepared myself to drink alot of alcohol. The Venue : G Hotel Penang.

Here's how it went. I arrived 2 hours early because I wanted to avoid rush hour on the major roads. As I arrived I wanted to park on the Reserved Parking slots that were allocated but too bad they were all reserved. Then the hotel security guided me to park at the corner just in front of the hotel entrance, he commented me on how nice my car looked and I asked him if it was alright to park here. At first he said it's No, but then he offered me a small fee, which most hotels do. I decided to pay the fee as I would be here for at least 5-6 hours. Based on the number of hours I would be there I just decided to pay and go with it.

Since I was early I decided to head to Gurney Plaza to do some window shopping. F.O.S is one of my favorite stores for shirts. Then I headed to Tower Records to check out what's new in the music scene. As of late I've been listening to Progressive Trance alot and I find the chillout music really really relaxing. Then I headed back to the hotel for the dinner reception.

The ballroom at G hotel is located on the 2nd floor and you'd have to take the lift up to that floor. As the doors open I was greeted by a line of waiters who were holding trays of drinks, orange juice, wine, hard liquor and beer. I was amazed, then grabbed a glass of wine, went over to shake hands of the bride and congratulate her. Made my way to my allocated table and being the earliest I was the only one at that table. I savored the surroundings and checked out the deco and how the hotel did everything to set the dinner up. *Wine Glass 1 Finished*. As always wedding dinners usually start a little later, 1 hour late to be exact. The table was full of familiar faces, we all chatted and laughed and drank....alot! *Wine Glass 2 Finished*

I wasn't expecting to drink a lot so I controlled myself and since I was drinking wine I had the chance to sip bit by bit when I we all toasted to each other several times during the night. From the looks of things my table drank the most out of all the 45 tables that were there. I heard that 1 table cost RM1k. Wheee! There was a band singing lite and easy songs throughout the dinner as well, they aren't that good. The food was alright, not too bad. They served, Fish, Chicken, Vegetables, Prawns and all the rest that I can't recall now. Then I noticed that our table kept ordering hard liquor not 1,2 or 3 glasses at a time but 10 glasses at a go and they all finish within 5-10 mins.

By the time everything was wrapping up it was 11:20pm and everyone was leaving. So I made my to the washroom to ensure I was sober and I was 100% sober. My plan worked, arrive early, drink early, slowdown when having dinner and be sober at the end and I was lucky that no one challenged me to a drink which is good as I had to drive back home myself. I enjoyed the dinner, it could have been a little better but I'm not complaining.

Congratulations to the Newly Weds Nikko and Mandy!

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