Friday, September 07, 2007

4 weekends in KL, wheee!

I feel like I actually live in KL over the weekends and after looking at my calender I have been! LoL. It's always nice to see the gang, they are the closest friends I have in KL and I appreciate their help and support over some things. I wouldn't give them up for the world. My deepest apologies to the gang if I've ever done some things that have made a bad impact on your lives, all you have to do is be upfront with me and let me know if I have done anything like that.

To answer all your questions on "Are you moving to KL?", the answer is "maybe". It all depends on what I can get for a job to survive down south. Expenses? I would say rental. But I've also got other commitments that I would have to pay off too. Food? that's not a problem, maggie mee + eggs are just nice. LoL. I believe with proper budget planning, everything is possible.

We'll see.

1st week = Volvo Drive
2nd week = just a visit
3rd week = Paul Van Dyk @ Zouk
4th week = GRA Rd3


Ros said...

craps...chatbox kena blocked...sigh....

Ros said...

but eeeets oookkkkk
i can still leave insanely long comments in here..

i know u wanna move down wan...just lazy only rite?

accomodation? settle d mar.

aiyah....forgot wat else to say...tbc