Monday, September 03, 2007

Zouk 31/08/07 - PVD

I finally managed to catch PVD after 2 years of missing him! Woohoo! Unfortunately the rest of the gang didn't make it but luckily Charlene was there to accompany me all the way *thanks gurl!*. But anyways I was expecting the worst kinda jam and the worst kinda crowd to jump into being a Friday + public holiday.

Arriving at the club parking area around 6:30pm, there was no jam or traffic which was cool. We made our way to KLCC which was just walking distance and just walked around till about 8pm before we headed back to Zouk to get the tickets. No one was at the entrance yet suprisingly and we managed to get the tickets with no hassle. Around 9pm there were several groups of people around, most of them were chatting, eating & drinking at the Food area. So we just waited for a while till about 9:30pm before we decided to join the queue that lead into the Mainroom. Getting in was no biggie, hardly anyone in the club anyways. Lots of VIP tables around the floor. But we just decided to stay at one spot that could oversee the entire floor and were on the same eye level as the DJ station. The tickets also came with a free Heineken and unfortunately 1 isn't enough haha. I don't know who the DJ was that played the opening 2 hours before PVD stepped on stage, but he was pretty good. Around 11pm PVD worked his magic on the mixer and blow us all away with some good Trance music.

Club was nearly packed by 12am and well almost everyone was enjoying themselves. Weird enough there was this guy that Charlene spotted who was just sitting there not doing much. Hmm, I wonder what his problem was.......NOT!

I decided to call it a night around 2am and headed for mamak before goin to sleep. Talk about your healthly style of living 'eh?

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