Tuesday, September 11, 2007

GRA Round 3 - 9th September 2007

Once again it's was time for some AutoX action! GRA Round 3 was held at the Shah Alam Stadium car park area. The action was faster and the competition was definitely hotter than ever. Special thanks to Ian and Jiannin who have once again amazed us with their dedication to make this round work for everyone to play in. This time I was there for the whole event from morning till evening and it was interesting to see how everyone fared against each other in the Grass Class. The course layout for Grass Class was pretty technical when Ian decided to have a small tight chicane before the ball breaker corner. Sweetie did well this time around, getting lots of help from seasoned AutoX drivers. I'm glad she was brave enough to take on that challenge and didn't give up. That's the way to go!

In the afternoon came the Pro-Grass Class competitors to take on the show. As usual all familiar faces were around. Ricky Teoh actually came in a AW11 which had an interesting color scheme and cool rims. Ivan "DarkHelmet" Khong was once again the favorite to win and that's what he did as he drove a very clean event making him the fastest driver around with his Big Red Chicken Wing Subaru, 2nd place went to Mickey Teoh in his souped up MR2. The course layout this time was really fast for all the turbo and VTEC cars because of the 2 straights. But the remainder of the course was smooth and slightly technical. Lots of seasoned drivers actually got lost and made errors, something that is rarely seen from them.

As for me, this was the most fun round I've had so far. Although the small drama when I was in practice and Suby decided to stall at one of the 180 turns, reason being I didn't warm the engine up enough. But after I got Suby up and running, all was fine. My times improved over the 4 timed runs and was good enough to finish 3rd in class & 7th overall in the championship. I really liked the smooth flow of the course, it definitely was technical enough to give even the seasoned drivers a run for their money.

Would like to specially thank my sweetie for giving me the support and also helping me with getting water for the car. :)

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