Monday, September 24, 2007

BBQ Weekend in KL!

It was Wednesday and I was just at home on the couch going online and looking at stuff on the forums. "Another BBQ?" I asked Ian on MSN chat. "Yup" a reply appeared in the chat box. "Cool" I replied back and we continued to chat about the BBQ and stuff about cars. On the other hand I was planning on what time I should leave Penang and head to KL. Messaged Rosalind and confirmed with her that I'm goin down, she wanted to tag along. Yea both of us have a purpose to make trips down to KL this time around. We miss the gang and most important of all we miss our partners :)

It was around 4:35pm when we started our journey from the Juru Toll. The traffic wasn't that bad, smooth flow of traffic and since the elections are near and also the Raya celebrations closing in the cops usually work harder to enforce the law. I was kinda careful when I approached towns and highway exits. These buggers would hide on the middle pillar and start shooting with a speed camera. Unfortunately for me I didn't manage to anticipate the bugger hiding at the Taiping exit area and I was goin a little faster than the limilt, saw the guy bending down for the print button I suppose. We made 1 stop at Tapah for about 5 mins and continued on. When we arrived it was around 7:30pm and headed straight for dinner at Italiannes at The Curve. Food was good but the service could have improved, this is the 2nd time I've been there and the service is just not up to par. I'd suggest they improve customer service and put on a smile and hire people who speak proper english. So after dinner we headed to Baskin Robbins to have some ice cream. Sweetie loves the Rum Raisin and ordered 2 scoops and got 1 free scoop with an offer from her credit card, I took the green tea ice cream on a cone. I was sooo full I had trouble walking! haha. I think I actually gained 2-3kg from this trip, since we were nearly on an eating spree. At the end of the day, we just called it a night and headed home for sleep.

Saturday started out like any other Saturday for me. A trip to the workshop, but this time I had Edwin's car to sort out some problems. First off is the alignment and Second was the Disc brakes. Even though the car didn't have ABS, every time you braked on this car it would have the ABS feeling. LoL. I wonder how he actually drives the car. Anyways we needed to change to new discs cause the old ones were skimmed to the max and if they did anymore skimming it might just crack under breaking. While the boys at the shop were working on the car, we skipped out to look for parts. Suby needs some extra parts before she can have a transplant, thanks to sweetie's source of info we managed to get the flywheel and injectors, of course I had Ivan there to help me out then we had lunch at MJ's before heading back to the shop. Once everything was completed sweetie and I headed back to have a short nap before the BBQ started.

When we arrived the gang was just setting up the 2nd BBQ pit and Ian managed to get a small fire started on the 1st pit. Everyone helped out, the girls were at their usual post, in the kitchen and the guys were outside playing with fire. Muahahah!. There was alot of food once again, lol. Everyone had fun cooking eating and playing with the dogs, Rusty-Spike, Joy, Fatty & Yummie Bak Kut Teh. Surprisingly the hard liquor hasn't been touched for 2 bbqs now. LoL. Most of us just settled for the beer and Tesco Cola. I've got to admit, all the food was from Tesco and the lamb and chicken was good, whatever they used to season the lamb it was tasty! After 4 hours of cooking, eating and joking around we headed inside the house for more entertainment. Most of them started playing Mahjong and the rest of us were hooked to the PS2 playing GT4 with Ian's steering wheel rig. Everyone was playing till around 3am before we left and headed home for bed.

Then came the sun on a Sunday morning. I woke up early cause sweetie asked a maid to come by and clean the house. Apparently only I heard the door bell ring and let her in the house. I went back to bed and sweetie got up later to instruct the maid and paid the fees on her way out. We continued sleeping till around 2pm before we decided to get dressed and head out for lunch. So we decided to head to 1-utama and eat some Japanese food at Genki Sushi. Now this restaurant is suppose to rival Sushi King, but this one for so many reasons is just rubbish. I don't know how they manage to keep running. The food was bad and the service...horrible. I'm definitely not going back there again. Even the worst maintained Sushi King I've ever been in was much better than this. So to the manager of Genki Sushi 1-Utama who is reading this, you'd better do something about your service and food, seriously. After lunch we did a little shopping around, I went to F.O.S to check out some shirts. Rosalind had to run some errands for Nigel, so we headed to Eneos to get the stuff he needed.

Later on we met up with the gang and everyone wanted to get dinner. Hopped into a Honda Odyssey and we ended up once again in 1-utama's Carl's Jr. Although kinda expensive the burgers were huge. 1 meal was enough to stuff all the guys ahaha. I'm not much of a big eater but when I can eat, I'll eat. I had the Western Bacon burger and Sweetie had the Portobello Mushroom which was good too. Sadly we had to call it an end to a great weekend. Rosie and I left around 10pm and by the time we got back to PG it was around 1:30am.

Miss u lots, sweetie. I loved the music lesson!


Ros said...

your description of the weekend was pretty detailed. But not detailed enough....u forgot to mention about....using DUCT TAPE!!


Andy Kow said...

Duct Tape wasn't necessary wor. Anyways where's the fun in that! kekekekeke.