Monday, September 17, 2007

Road Trip : Cameron Highlands

Started the whole trip on Friday 14th September 2007 as Rosalind and I strapped ourselves into the Accord and I just gave it a good workout. We left around 4pm from Hell's Gates and managed to get to the Juru Autocity Toll in 25mins plus-minus with slightly slow traffic at the bridge. Once we hit the highway I managed to hit around 140-150 and kept it constant for the most of the journey. Departure time around 4:44pm. The journey was pleasant and we managed to keep talking about some topics and converse about stuff, though I remembered talking about music and movies, actors and actresses the most.

Arrived at the Damansara toll around 7:35pm and I was quite surprised with the traffic flow on the highway, I was expecting to be held up at somewhere because of all the road works that is going on now. It seems that the government has decided to resurface the roads now and is rushing to complete it before the Raya Celebrations. By doing that they are forced to close a 3 lane road to 2 and at some points 2 lane roads are closed and the emergency lane is used as a 1 lane detour, now that makes traffic come to a standstill since alot of drivers don't know how to give way or are to "kiasu" *afraid to lose* and that just makes everything a little...slow. Can't help it if a slow moving Truck or Bus is in the way. But I guess it's all good, in the near future the roads would be less bumpy and all.

So we met up at Ian's house and had some pre-dinner celebration for Jiannin's Bday. I've got to admit that Aunt. Wendy sure knows how to set up a good meal. The whole gang was at the house, even Ivan and his family. He gave me a wave and we had a short conversation.

"So you've moved down to KL already right?" and smiles.

"You'd like that won't you?" and we laugh.

"I've adopted him on your behalf" Aunt Wendy said while laughing.

We all continued to have dinner and Sweetie was there too. Funny part of the day is when I had to guide her from getting lost to Ian's house. LoL. Sowe Sweetie. I just had to say it. But it's good that I could guide her a little, somehow I just remember roads around the PJ area now, but it's limited to the surroundings. LoL. Sweetie and I left to head to the Parkson at 1U to pick up some presents for the birthday ppl. Everyone agreed to get same kind of present for all of them, it's a remote control radio car and since Admiral got one for his bday we thought it would be fun getting the same type of car and model for the rest. But we missed out something, the frequency of the remotes!. It seems that this company made each model to a specific frequency range. So since we got 2 out of 3 of the exact same model, well 1 controller ended up moving 3 remote cars! LoL. I'm not sure if they can get it changed, but we'll try. If not then I'm sorry guys, didn't seem to think about the frequency thingy before buying it.

The trip to Cameron started a little late. Made a move around 1pm and made it to the top around 3:45pm. Thoughest part is the hill climb with the Accord which was overloaded with the ice box! Lucky nothing moved around too much. Kenneth booked this bungalow at Kg. Raja, it's a little further down and isn't really at the top of the Cameron hill. Still it was damn cold! So cold that taking a shower was torcher! LoL. Lucky the house had a heater system. Surprisingly this place is located in a residential area and in the middle of some farms. Overall the place was big enough to have a badminton court where we parked our cars. Upon arrival the guys unloaded the car, ice box & bbq set, then when Admiral took out his Remote Subaru Car the guys continued to make a mini autocross out of things we could find around, while the gals prepared the food, chopping onions, washing vegetables and all that. Much appreciated gals, job well done.

BBQ started around 8pm and Tigel the chef was on duty to cook whatever was available. The Lamb that was supplied from Tesco was excellent. Jennice managed the steamboat and kept it nice and warm and steaming fish balls and vegetables. It was darn cold as it started to rain and the breeze was freezing all of us. The heat from the BBQ pit was nice and warm, most of us stood next to it to get some heat. I tried to keep Sweetie warm by hugging her but it was way too cold so we headed inside to get some warmth. Surprisingly the rooms weren't cold. The temperature was just nice inside the house.

After Ian and Jiannin arrived we set up the birthday cakes and birthday presents for everyone and sang a song, took photos and started round 2 of the BBQ. More FOOD!. But I was already stuffed with cake. Was a huge slice and it was kinda nice, from Secret Recipe. While waiting for everyone to finish eating and all I just couldn't move anymore after having 1 or 2 more slices of Tesco lamb and after having 1 beer it made things worst, made more lethargic and sleepy. Decided to crawl into bed and cuddle. Next thing I know it was already morning and I think I woke up around 8 or 9am and headed for the toilet. Came back to sleep and finally everyone started waking up around 11am-12pm. Everyone took turns using the shower and some of us started the day eating junk food for brunch! LoL. Ian asked "Is there anymore food left?" and we checked the fridge, "Yup" some of us answered. "Let's BBQ sammor" Ian said with his look of enthusiasm. He managed to get the the charcoal started and everyone else helped him start it. The funny part is that there were 2 boxes of fire starters and by the time we were done, it was all gone. LoL. Seems they managed to start the fire with limited charcoal on hand and used the fire starters when the fire was dying down. Plus the fact that Ian was BBQing everything from Potato Chips to Small mini Mooncakes!. lol.

After cleaning up, it was already around 4-5pm. We headed out and went further up the hill to get stuff. Sweetie and I bought Strawberries, she got herself a couple of Cactuses and I bought lots of roses for mum and Julia.

Then it was time to part and go our seperate ways, I really enjoyed this weeknd and Cameron is quite nice to visit to get away from it all. I would definately go up again soon. Thanks to everyone for making the trip a little more special! Huggs and Kisses to my Sweetie, miss ya!.

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