Sunday, March 11, 2007

A bad Suby week

It seems to be a bad week for the Subys. Even Sifu's suby is acting up and giving some headaches. The car just decided to stall when you least expect it and when troubleshooting it just doesn't want to fault!. But we've traced it down to a cable or two that is causing it to stall and sometimes not start at all.

But here's another experience, sifu and I were heading to Ikea and heading down from the LDP. Just before the TV3 broadcast center the car just stalled and we coasted to a stop at the side of the road. Managed to make sure the zone we stopped in was safe enough for us to get out and diagnose the problem. Alas no matter how hard we tried it just didn't want to start. Left the car at that area and managed to get a guard at the nearby office area to keep a look out for it until the tow truck arrived. In between the car stalling and getting help from the guard, we decided to have dinner at 1-Utama and just do a little window shopping at Eneos, then we headed back home to shower and after a mamak session with Adrian and Ah Wai.

The next morning around 9:30am we headed back onsite and the tow truck also arrived at the same time. Car was loaded in 15 mins and was unloaded at the workshop 20 mins later. Spend the whole day assisting them and trying to figure out what the hell is causing the problem, we only narrowed it down to some loose wires.

Sifu's Suby on the Flat Bed

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