Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Fine Saturday

Here we were, at Manila Place having an American breakfast and chatting away. 2 close gal-friends accompanied me :) . Waking up early on a weekend isn't very hard if you're used to it. Lol. I know a lot of people who would rather sleep the day away. But thank you for you company, it's truly one of those rare occasions to meet up with friend, at least for me.

Then we headed to QBM to just hang out. While walking I saw this Honda F1 Road Show and they set up this F1 game on the PS2. "Free Entry" I heard and god-sis asked me to take part for fun, which I did. The game they had on was F1 2006 and using a BAR-HONDA F1 car on the Sepang Malaysia track. I found out that this was actually a qualifying run for the finals on Sunday afternoon and the grand prize was tickets to watch F1 Malaysia in April. The sad part of the whole gaming thing is that they actually had steering wheels that we can't turn. Contestants had to use the small controller that is built on the freaking small steering wheel.

The game was easy enough to play. I was expecting more of a challenge but the game had some sort of auto braking thing on, so it was a breeze. I definitely had fun and the adrenaline reminded me of my one and only passion, Driving. With suby down and out for the moment I'm starting to get this feeling that my days aren't so meaningful anymore. That's my addiction to speed, it's a problem but I love it! muahahahaahahahahahhahahhahahhahaha!

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