Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I have a bad feeling about this..

Have you ever had that nagging feeling that the day is just not going right...or maybe you might feel it's going to perfect. It's just one of those days for me.

So work was good nothing too dramatic happened, calls were good, customers were surprisingly great even the home ones. I've never felt that relaxed for quite a while now. Maybe it's also because I'm on long leave and here I am in KL again for the 2nd round of the Driving thingy. Felt good that I made it past the 1st round but I usually consider myself lucky.

Anyways I decided to take a drive down to KL since I'll be here for a while. This is when things started to get kinda weird. First off, I forgot to publish a report at work, that i suddenly remembered just before the Juru toll. Felt kinda bad that my colleague had to do the extra work :( 1 hour and 20 mins into the journey and while I was driving uphill, Suby suddenly had a weird smell coming from the engine, then slight knocking, then a different smell, what's worst is the thermal gauge was nearly at HOT!. All this and I was driving uphill towards the Tunnel and there wasn't any place to stop, the next 2-3 kilometers was downhill. So I managed to ease and nurse till I saw an emergency lane, then everything went silent. Suby just died on me and there was smoke coming out from the hood. I was asking myself, what did i do wrong? Popped the hood to help cool down the engine, it was definitely overheating. About 5 mins, the Plus Highway Patrol assisted me by putting some cones to alert other cars. Then they left, since they couldn't do much anyways. After about 45 mins a tow truck guy known as Basri came over to help me out. Telling as much as possible about what could be damaged. But the best part is that he offered to help me tow the car on a Flat Bed truck for RM500. That's pretty darn good in a situation like this. Then I made some phone calls and decided to go for it.

It just felt weird. The day just felt too perfect, hard to believe but I wasn't even pushing the car! All I wanted was to drive at a normal pace and make it to KL with 1 full tank from Penang. It just goes to show that anything can happen and it just did.

Suby on the Flat Bed Tow Truck.

**I know Basri the tow truck guy would most probably never read my blog, i want to say thank you anyways. A kind hearted Malaysian.**

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