Thursday, March 08, 2007

tha' Driver Selection

Woke up at 7am to get ready for the Driver Selection at Sepang. Thank You very much for the ride Joe. His BMW was comfy for the whole journey. Some familiar faces at the selection but we're all friends. So there were like about 21 people i think. The briefing session started at 9am and lasted 15mins before we were told to go to the test area, it was located at one of the car parks.

There were like 11 units of the brand new 325i. Every car had 2 people and we would take turns in the car to practice and be evaluated. I must say that the whole session is excellent. Instructions were clearly mentioned and all the examples of what is expected in the test was also highlighted to all of us. I will refrain from mentioning what we did since I had to sign a clause regarding these tests and trainings.

After that session came a short interview session with the trainers. I don't think I did well cause I fumbled alot haha.

Too bad I didn't have a camera and I forgot that my damn phone also had a camera :( gah!. So no photos to show.

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