Friday, March 16, 2007

Wes Borland was in Town :O

For those who don't know who Wes Borland is, he was the guitarist in the band Limp Bizkit. He was the most unique Guitarist I've ever read about. Not many people are like this, daring to take the step outside their comfort zone and being different from everyone else. He has solo projects ever since he left the Bizkit band. The latest project called Black Light Burns isn't too bad, I would say if you liked NIN then you'd definately dig his new stuff. All in a great guitarist.

Too bad I didn't have a chance to meet up with him. We were in the same State on the same days, but I just didn't get that chance to even see him. But Edwin did...grr. Lol.

Here's a photo of him in Limp Bizkit:

Here's another photo of him Now:

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