Wednesday, March 21, 2007

..electronic doors..

There are pros and cons when you utilize electronic locks on doors that require a electronic card to open. Pros would include better security even when there is a power outage. Cons would be when you didn't bring or loose the damn card.

That's what happened to me this whole week. After my episode in KL I left my badge in the car, and being on a hoist that is 20 feet in the air and loads of other cars blocking, there isn't alot of choice. So what does this mean?

Missing badge Episode 1 :
I work the early shift where most of the world is still sleeping. So one morning I was at the main entrance and no one was there to open it. Thank god a colleague showed up :)

Missing badge Episode 2:
While walking to the canteen I knew I was missing something. Oh yea a badge. Usually you'd have lots of people walking through the canteen but I guess at 8:30am you'd better not expect a whole lot. So I waited till someone did open the door.

Missing badge Episode 3:
My company subsidies food electronically with a bar code strip. Again I don't have that and am forced to use cash :(

Missing badge Episode 4:
Logging in and out of work, we use a fingerprint system that also requires the badge.

Oh well, I'll wait for the badge. Muhaha.

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Withered Rose said...

let me tell u a story of what happened to my colleague this morning.

She works at 5am as well, drove up to the gate @ wrk and it was wide open, fearing the gates would close in on her as she drives tru, she held up her automated gate remote control and started clicking away...she panicked coz the gate didnt move!

the guard kept on indicating to her to show her badge but she was still clicking away....

then she realised she wasnt at home and she was supposed to show badge, not click remote.