Monday, March 26, 2007

tha' Finals update

Sunday, it's the finals for the Honda PS2 F1 challenge. Weird, I didn't really want to attend this event but I had the time so I gave it a shot. In total there were 8 contestants and everyone was told to be on time and wear the black t-shirt that was provided by the organizers. 6 out of the 8 people wore the shirt and the judges stressed on the rules and regulations. But they left the decision to us for a fair decision to allow those without the t-shirt to race or not. So I raised my hand to let them drive and so did another guy. In the end it was the majority that won, 4 to 2.

The event got on the way and this time they made it a little harder by setting up Monaco as the race circuit and under wet weather too. I noticed that alot of the computer assistance was still turned on, which made it a little easier to drive. To win you have to obtain the Fastest lap out of the 3 laps that are provided.

In the end I finished 1st and got 1x F1 Grandstand ticket for 3 days worth about RM1700. But the win was by Disqualification. It so happens that one of the competitors who didn't bring the t-shirt was the one who had the fastest time and knows the game inside out and he plays it almost everyday. Mind you he was 4 seconds faster than my time, I was the fastest of the lot that has never played this game before. Lol. A special thank you to Erik, i think that was his name for defaulting the prize to me. It's kinda sad, to get this kind of win but rules are rules and I voted against the rule to allow him to play without the shirt. Thanks again Erik.

....and an end to one eventful weekend.

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