Sunday, May 29, 2005

Exciting & Intresting Weekend

Back home in Penang....hmm....

Anyways the weekend was a very exciting & intresing exprience.

Friday 27th May 2005
Got some sleep on Thursday. Woke up at 5am and headed for work. Finished around 4pm got Melissa and around 5pm met up with Gene and started our journey to KL. After 5 hours (had 1 hour stop to have dinner) we arrived in KL, that was about 10pm. Made a short stop at Melissa's house to wash up. 10:45pm we left for a club called Zouk located somewhere in KL town. We were all a little tired but excited.

Suppose to meet up with Ian Khong, he was there for Stuff Magazine party. But alas the party ended early and he left just as I arrived.

Started with Velvet Underground, cover charge for the night was RM40 with one complimentary drink. Gave me lovely gurl Melissa a Vodka on the rocks as she requested, I ordered a Singapore Sling while Gene had good ol' beer. Music in Velvet Underground was House, good mix of styles. I loved the dance floor, wish they were playing R&B, the floor would be packed!

After 1 hour or so we moved to the Mainroom, I think that's what it's called. All the parties happen there, big place with some platforms, everyone was dancing to the Trance music. It was such a different exprience for me, but I found out that trance is very hard to get into if you're sober! LOL. No I didn't get drunk.

Stayed for another 1 hour plus and headed to The Loft Upstairs. The music theme for the night was rockish, punk music. Only knew 3 songs, everyone else there was dancing and singing to the music. Was a different type of crowd there nothing like the previous 2 areas. We were there till it closed around 3am, everyone was hungry, so we had some Lok Lok at side of the road then headed to Mamak in town. Finished everything around 4am. I managed to get a room to sleep in Cititel Mid Valley. After trying to get a place to sleep from Friends (who weren't around), went to 2 hotels and even tried YMCA rest stop in Brickfields. ALL were either full or out of Standard Rooms!

Thus ends end 1st day.

Saturday 28th May 2005
The day started after getting 5 hours of sleep. Went for brunch at Chilis, a nice western food restraunt in Bangsar Shopping Complex. Met up with the gang & Melissa's friends. Finished about 3pm. When Melissa decided she wanted to shift into Shopping Spree mode. LoL. Ken (MeL's good ol' friend), Melissa & Me headed for Mid Valley to shop. I bought 1 shirt. Melissa on the other hand, bought everything from head to toe. Keke. Around 6pm dropped them off home and went back to the hotel to get some rest before heading out to Rush for clubbin'.

I fell asleep and woke up around 10pm, ahh..i was late! Rushed out and headed to pick the gang up. Arrived in Rush around 11pm. As usual the club was packed, so packed that it was nearly impossible to move!. I was a bit suprised to meet a work collegue there, UNCLE LIM!! (that's his nick name). He treated us to 2-3 glasses of Chivas. Started with R&B music then changed to House and a mix of Trance till 3am.

Left and headed back after filling up the car with gas.

Had a nice and relaxing rest after a hot shower ;)

Sunday 29th May 2005
Woke up around 11am, met up with gang around 1pm. Left and stopped in Sg Buloh for Burger King and Dunkin' Donuts.

The weekend is now'll be memorable one for me. Thanks goes out to Gene and special thanks to Melissa for the lovely company.

Huggs and kisses to all.

Cheers! Till next WEEK! Ah ha ha!

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