Sunday, May 22, 2005

Pubbing, Movie, Dinner, Clubbing

Another weekend gone past! Time flies when you're having fun.

Work was pleasant, same old thing everyday. Later in the evening, met up with Gene and Melissa for dinner before we picked up some of Gene's friends and headed to Roxbury in Seberang Jaya. Everyone enjoyed the drinks and company, I certainly did. Some of us got a little high. LoL.

Got up at 2pm and managed to get online to check some mails and stuff before heading out to watch Star Wars Episode 3 with lots of Dell ppl. The movie was as good as expected. Although I wished we could have seen more of General Grievous. But for ppl who didn't know, LucasFilms made an animation which was shown in Cartoon Network. The story is based before the Movie, so you get to see how Anakin got that nasty scar on his right eye and a whole lot more. After the movie we had a small photoshoot with everyone. Lol, was quite an exprience.

Headed to Chasers for dinner, I had Spaghetti with Ham, good. The rest had Pork ribs and mixed grille. Right after that most of us headed to Chillout for some clubbing action. Glad everyone had their share of fun. Like I said, when you're having fun...time flies.

Sleep, Breakfast, Rest. LoL.

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