Monday, May 09, 2005

Quiet Weekend about a lazy weekend. LoL.

On Friday I...we had cake in the office to celebrate 2 of my team members birthday. Nice chocolate cake from Secret Recipe. Finished work around 4pm...I think. Then later I got a call from Melissa who was intrested in going out driving with me. LoL. It's been a while since I went driving the Hills of Teluk Bahang. Took it slow and steady and met up with Alex, Camsaw, Dan, Victor & Lau Chua at mamak before leaving to the hills.

Zoom Zoom.....we were at Teluk Bahang Dam where we took a short 10 minute rest before continuing on to Balik Pulau. Noticed the guys were actually driving slower than normal...well better safe then sorry. At least some parts of the Stage gave my passenger some pleasure. LoL.

Went home around 3am. On the way back I met up with my friend, chat a little then went home around 4am.

Saturday morning....woke up around 9am to turn off my alarm clock...then went back to sleep. Woke up at 3pm! LoL. Went to the gym with my younger Bro Edwin. Worked out till 6:30pm and went for Family dinner. Dinner was for mother's day. Went to a shop just behind Gurney Plaza for Steamboat food. Not too bad. Over all the food was good. Only bad thing is I was sitting at the walkway and people were moving like cars. Left the restraunt around 9pm.

Went home and just hanged out. Then after 30mins my brain struck a nerve. OMG! Saturday Night and hanging out at HOME! Managed to get out of the house and join Gene with Melissa at mamak in Pekaka. Then Gene's friends wanted to play Snooker, joined them for a while untill Melissa wanted to go home.

Sunday morning, woke up around 10am. Gave a morning wake up call to Melissa, cause we were going for Japanese Buffet at City Bayview Hotel. Hmm...the Salmon sushi was excellent. Still the same quality since they moved shop. Cheaper too. Then we went to Perangin Mall to shop a little and met up with Vincent. Coincidently we met Gene there Then went to Starbuck to have a drink, I had a AFFOGATO Frappuccino. Not bad.

Got a call from Wesley, my old friend. Asking to go hiking at Bukit Jambul. "Ok sure". Had some company from Melissa. Vincent was suppose to meet up but he couldn't make it. Anyways we went up and we made it to the top. Not bad for first timer Melissa. YaY!

Later that night I had plans with Wesley to have some wine at a pub called O'rileys (not sure if the spelling is correct). Shared 2 bottles with him and Melissa and Vincent. Lol...Melissa was high after like 2 small glasses. Vince and Melissa left early. Me and Wesley talked about the old times and life.

Left around 11pm, was feeling a bit high. Managed to get home safely and call a friend out for a chat. Just felt bored and lonely. Thanks my friend.

Thanks guys.

Had lots of fun this weekend. Can't help but look forward for the next weekend.

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