Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Movie Night

Work Work Work.

After work I hit the weights at the gym. Worked out for about 2 hours plus. Just in time to meet Melissa, Vincent, Gene and William? (i forgot his name) for a movie night. Had dinner together first at Vanilla place. Had Lasangna! ooo..was nice, sweetest of all is that Melissa bought us all dinner. Thanks Melissa!

We went to watch XXX: The Next Level

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Overall it's a good action movie. Ice Cube actually did a great job and was really a good XXX agent. Lots of explosions, guns, chicks and most important the cars & trucks. Was nice to see all the american muscle cars, Ford GT40, Classic Mustang, New Mustang, GTO and also the new pickup truck.

Andy's Movie-O-Meter : 8.5/10

After the movie we decided to head for supper at a nearby burger shop. Er...while we were on the way there Gene got a call from Vincent saying that he lost his parking ticket! Aiks! Gaps! Hopped into Gene's car and went back to help Vince out. RM20 parking ticket.

Everything worked out and we were on our way again. The burger shop wasan't too bad, they had a nice stall setup and good hip-hop and r&b music, reminded me where I should plan to go this weekend. LoL.

Left around 12:15am and headed home when i got an SMS from a good friend regarding my DVD. Went by and picked it up and just chat for a while. Thanks.

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