Sunday, May 15, 2005

Great weekend

I'm back home. Ah, the weekend was sweet. Spent some time in KL, with friends.

Started the trip on Friday night around 9:30pm. Had Melissa as a passenger this time around. She needed a ride back to KL. Anyways we arrived in KL about 1am. Dropped her off at her friend's place and I made my way to me cousin's place to get some sleep.

Saturday morning, met up with Melissa and her friends for breakfast at a place named La Bodega in Bangsar, western style breakfast. Nice restraunt with a wide selection of foods and drinks. I had waffels!. Headed to 1-Utama for some shopping, bought myself 2 shirts. I was looking for shoes too but alas after looking high and low I couldn't find what I want. Headed to YSKhong Motorsports and hanged out till 6pm. Rested in Y.S house till about 10:30pm before Ian, Janin, Melissa & Me went out clubbing at The Loft (near sheraton). The club was nice, queue was long, thanks to Ian's friends who had VIP status we got in easy. As usual the liquor was Chivas mixed with Pepsi. Didn't want to drink too much that night, wanted to have some fun and enjoy the envrioment. The club played house music, was ok, but for dancing it does not give much choice of movement to the beat. Slept over at Y.S's house around 4am. Had a great time.

Sunday morning, woke up around 9am, had late breakfast. Picked Melissa up around 3pm and left for Penang.

I want to thank Ian & Janin for showing us all a good time. Thanks Man! Also to Melissa for being me lovely date for the evening. TQ cutie!

Ah, I feel quite tired now...I'm going to call it a night.


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