Monday, May 23, 2005

Public holiday? Na..ah..!

Today in Malaysia it's public holiday for most, but not for people who work according to the Australia calender!. Not that I'm bragging or anything like that, would have been nice to have a long weekend.

Anyways I showed up for work in more formal attire, cause I seem to have forgotten that it's a public holiday. Crap. Bah!

Work work work.

Went for a small family dinner. Headed up to this place called Hilly Towne Restraunt for some chinese dishes. Had Crab, Fish, Vege & stuff in shells. LoL.

Later that night, went out for a drink with the gang, Melissa, Gene & Vincent at a place called Thumb? They served a variety of drinks, I had honey tea. Oh yea, they had a stage and there was this guy singing with his acoustic guitar and finger picking. Too bad he only knew chinese songs, but he did sing 1 english song.

Guess the highlight was when Gene went on stage to sing, admire his courage. Way to go Gene!

Melissa and Gene dedicated songs all around. Thanks pals!

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