Sunday, May 01, 2005

a great weekend

ooo...this weekend felt great. Although there were some ups and downs personally.

Friday night started after a team dinner, which was held in Evergreen Laurel Hotel. The team has seafood buffet. The food was alright, best dish was the Seafood Lasangna most of us gave it 2 thumbs up!.

Almost everyone was there, BK, Wai Hoong, Aik Sie, Wooi Heong, Stanley, Jusmadee, Nicholas, Shahril, Liana, Juliana, Sze Lin & Me. Only team member missing was Vincent, who got stuck in a bad traffic jam. Finished dinner around 9:15pm, most of them went to watch a movie in Gurney. Would have joined them but had plans with Vince and Melissa to go clubbin'. Met up with them in Gurney Drive hawker stalls. While we were there I got a call from a friend who wanted to see me. Most plans never work out, I had invited some friends....all of them had last minute changes to their schedule! Leaving only Me, Vince & Melissa going to the club. On the way into the club I saw the sales team having wine at the small restraunt just outside the club, went over to say HI!, nice to see they all still remember me.

We entered the club around 10:30pm which was still early. Got a few drinks. Then out of nowhere Lim a.k.a Uncle Lim showed up with some of his friends. In ther afternoon I had a chat with him about tonight and he said he won't be coming out because he had to work on Saturday!. LoL. He brought 1 bottle of Martell to share will everyone. Thanks!

We partied untill 3am before deciding to leave. Headed to a nearby mamak stall and had some tea. Left around 3:30am and arrived home around 4am.

After the late partying I woke up around 9am and went out with Dad to check some stuff out in town. Was done around 12pm. Melissa suggested we goto her cousin sister's pub in Seberang Jaya, it's called Roxbury. Nice little pub, good music and nice envrioment. Was a nice change from clubbing. Gene had a great time moving to the music, he was dancing so much. Lol. Had a good friend there too. I hope she enjoyed herself.

Finished around 3am and headed home. This is one of those calm saturday nights at a pub.

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