Thursday, April 12, 2007

...sadly it's true....

this message goes out to a friend of mine.

I know I ain't much of a talker if you didn't already notice. LoL. But I've been through similar situations and life just isn't fair. If it were there wouldn't be sad people in this world. I believe that everything has to be balanced. Yin and Yang, Good and Bad.

Feelings can be damaged but that can be fixed. Life is too large to sulk and be sad over something that has already happen. I know you're sad but look on the bright side, you've got friends who care and that matters most because they will be your Saviour although you might not know it at first.

Well I can't say that I know everything about these situations. But I'll help in any way possible, 'cause I don't like to see my friends being sad. It makes me happy that other people are happy. :)

If you ever trip or fall over make sure you pick yourself up and dust yourself off and be a stronger person.


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