Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bringing Suby back

This time it's done. I got a call from Superstar Ian about Suby. "It's all done" he said, "will call you when we get to Penang" he continued. Kenneth and Ian were in Ipoh for some business and they decided to pick me up. They also decided to have dinner here and I took them to a nearby hawker shop called Super Tanker. They sure enjoyed the hawker food. Lol. Who can blame them, I still think Penang has the best Chinese Hawker food. Thanks guys. I also enjoyed the topics that we discussed in the car that kept us laughing and awake throughout the whole journey back to KL. By the time we arrived it was like 2:30am and we were all pretty tired. Everyone called it a night.

Saturday morning, back to the workshop to pick up Suby. Finally it's time to drive it like it's suppose to be. But the engine rebuild means I would have to stay below 5000rpm and no free revving the engine too. So I drove around PJ picking people up here and there and tested out Suby. Everything was fine now and I'm glad plus happy. :)

Saturday night usually means clubbing or karaoke but this time around I decided to go bowling with everyone. Yes you guys keep asking to make the decisions, so there ya go! ball with 10 pins. muahah. Superstar Ian was damn good, Nigel, Kenneth and Jiannin was there too. It was by far the most different outing I have had with the gang. I kinda hated bowling with the house ball, they are crap. Then we headed for mamak to eat and chat.

Sunday morning Sifu, Superstar, Kenneth, Nigel and I all went for brunch at this restaurant that serves Lam Mee. The Lam Mee is different down south, thick type noodles with black sauce. After we were done I decided to start my journey with Suby back up north to Penang. Come to think of it I have been down to KL for the past 4-5 weeks.

I'll be taking a break from trips to KL for a while. So I can recover and prepare for GRA and other events.

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