Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spelling Lessons at Lunch

I had lunch the other day at a place near work with Stan, Glad & Sis. Here we were having economy rice and while we were scooping our veggies and meaty meals we heard a cry for help on how to translate a hokkien word to english that happens to be Fried. I helped the nice lady that runs the place regarding that word and slowly walked to the next tray to pick up some delicious chicken. Then another cry for help on how to spell the word Fried. A nice gentleman did the honors by spelling slowly..and we all heard...F-I-R-E-D.

Then some of us actually looked at each other and felt stumped on what we just heard. Its like those moments that when you know it's wrong but your brain just needs a few more little seconds to register it to confirm the mistake. LoL. We giggled and laughed, sadly enough we didn't bother to correct that mistake. Lord have mercy on our souls. ahahahahahhaahah....fired pork! weirdly enough none of us took that dish either. haahahahahahahhah.

The Infamous Fired Pork

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