Friday, April 06, 2007

A Short Holiday - Workshop, Party and Sleep?

Wheee! It's the start of a long weekend for me. The management is nice enough to give Good Friday and Easter Monday OFF days. The team decided to head to Genting Highlands for a holiday, they will leave on Friday evening. So what does that mean for me? A trip down to KayEl.

Started my seemingly long journey from Penang at 10am and had a 2 car convoy with Gladys. We left around 10am and took a slow and steady drive and arrived around 2pm. Then it was off to the workshop for me, Ian again dreaded the green suby at the shop with weird problems. LoL. Guess Suby is part of a test subject for diagnosing some issues. Well at least we all learn something new from all this.

Bridgestone Tire Launch Party
After a few hours of sitting around chatting we had to get ready for a Bridgestone Tire Launch party. The party was held at Rums, I think that's the correct spelling. Lots of nice Tuner cars were lined up outside the parking area beside the Ferrari F1 car. A private party that is by invitation only pass was given to me and goodie bag was exchanged for it before entering the party. They also provided food to eat, we all chowed down everything and had a couple of beers. So the party then started around 8pm, the nice MC introduced some videos from Bridgestone and mentioned that Felipe Massa will be here too for a short interview. There was some games, fashion shows and dance shows on the stage which filled up the remaining time after the interview. Although I must say that it's a little disappointing, maybe because there wasn't enough chicks to check out and it was Thursday too. LoL. Oh well the goodie bag was enough to fill that hole.

A Friday at the Workshop (as usual)
On Friday I spent almost the whole day at the workshop as we try once again to tackle the weird issue that Suby has. I would like to thank the workshop boys for staying back and doing their best to get this sorted out. So after dinner we just hanged out at Ian's place till well I decided to get some sleep and rest for a long day on Saturday. The team planned a Genting trip so my plan was to meet them up there.

Genting Trip with the Big Red Chicken Wing
Since Suby wasn't in any shape to climb the hill, I was offered to drive the "Big Red Chicken Wing" which is my Sifu's car nickname. It's truly a special experience to drive the legendary car. At the top I met up with everyone and we checked into the hotel room. Most of us went our own way to spend the day. I spent most of my time at the casino (I wasn't luck though) and everyone then met up at lunch before deciding to get tickets for some rides. I didn't have a chance to experience the outdoor roller coaster rides because I didn't want to keep the car up here for 1 night. A few of us went for the bumper car ride, that was fun. Then around 3pm I headed back down to the workshop where I did yet more waiting and thinking.

One of those Saturday Nights at the Club
After the shop closed Ian, Nigel and myself went for dinner nearby and talked about what was planned for the rest of the night. It was a Saturday night, so it was either Mamak, Clubbing or KaraOKe, we went for KaraOKe last week and Mamak was a little boring. So Clubbing it was, headed to Rush. I've been to this club a couple of times last year and it was happening!. The place would be crowded and it was a challenge to walk past people to get to the toilet. But this time it was kind of disappointing, it was no longer THE hang out spot anymore. We kinda noticed that at the entrance, but we decided to hang out here anyways since it was close by. There were some cute chicks but somehow we weren't that interested. The party ended early because of MPPJ who decided to raid the place. Nothing much happened at the raid, so we just decided to leave and head home.

And then it's Sunday....
I had to leave Suby behind again so she'll get better. So I gave Gladys a call to hitch a ride in her car back to Penang. Thanks Ivan for driving.

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