Sunday, April 01, 2007

picking up Suby and another weekend in KL

Finally it's done. Everything has been opened and cleaned and replaced. Seeing Suby in 1 piece again is good. Although there are some minor issues with the throttle position, it makes using the air cond in normal days kind of hard, but I'll live. So I decided to drive the car back to home anyways, after an overhaul like that the parts needs to run-in to ensure it works perfectly in the future. So I have a drive limit to 3500 rpm, believe me when I say it's really really hard to drive this car within that low limit. Thanks to YSKHONG Motorsports for all their hard work and superb workmanship.

My weekend in KL was interesting, I finally met up with my best friend from Primary school. I haven't seen him for 14 years! It's a miracle how technology makes the world smaller. We met up at 1-Utama Nandos for dinner and chat about old times. I'm sure we'll meet up again sometime for a drink old friend ;)

Saturday night in KL, the gang actually wanted to go out and do something, so we all headed to Morocco or something like that. We all decided to do something different, so it was KARAOKE night! Fun fun fun. Thanks for the good times.

Next week...KL again!

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