Thursday, April 28, 2005

waiting for the weekend

It's already Thursday!! Tha weekend is just around the corner. Just want to get out of the office and away from all the calls.

Been trying to fill my time up with any activities I can find and do. Been working out hard to get what I want in 3 months, it's like the 4th week now. Slight improvements can be seen. I guess a little more effort would help speed up the process.

Been trying to watch some DVD movies that I haven't watched yet. It's just a little boring watching it alone.

Hmm..quite a few people were on Medical Leave today and what a coincidence it rained the night before. Guess no one expected it to rain like it did.

Ah..i just got a call from a friend who seems to be lost. She seems to be unsure of her own feelings. She doesn't know what to do or what she wants. NOW she's regretting her decision after the other person can't provide what she wants. Worst of all is that she wants what she lost back after she knows that person can change!

Remember what you said? "No Regrets". That's what you told me when you made your decision. Don't be so sad, let time heal all the pain.

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