Thursday, March 17, 2005

...Another day Another way...

It started out as a good day. Woke up around 4:20am, got dressed for work and did what I was suppose to do. Then it struck me that I had some cases that I need to follow up today.

Found out that the service that I had sent for the customer didn't go through. After some digging here and there, I found out that the people who were suppose to call the customer didn't do so when I stated it clearly that it must be done before FRIDAY!!! Which means it's suppose to be done today you freaking farkkkkers.

Now the customer is fusrated and has contacted Customer Service and demanding she get a refund. Isn't that just nice?

All screwed up, I had to talk to the customer to make sure she understands the process and what kind of steps I'm going to do before I can get it done.

AAARRRGGGHH!!! Why is life so real? I would like to live in a surreal realm where I can do anything!


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