Thursday, March 24, 2005

Life Changes

It's weird, today I feel normal. I haven't totally forgotten, but it's easier to accept my life as it is today. But the downside is that I have nothing else to do but sit at home palying games and watching TV.

Finished work at 2pm, meeting till 5pm, stayed home till 6pm. Went back to the office at 6:30pm. Just sat down and did some work. Quieter envrioment, but that's normal, what's not normal is that there are people here who are still working. 2 of my Team mates were shocked to see me in the office again and said "i tought we were crazy for staying so late, looks like we're not the only ones! lolz".

Maybe it's just an excuse, but it's the only thing I can think of. I am tired but I don't want to sleep, there is so much to do. Question in my mind is, "what is it that I want to do?"

I love my job right now. I see myself staying long term here. But after all the recent change in my life, I have been thinking of getting out of the country and starting somewhere new. There are opportunities out there, we'll let fate decide the next move.

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